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Success Story

See how Reverse Phone information from Ekata helps Internet marketing agency Scorpion more accurately identify the best possible prospects for clients focused on localized markets.

At Scorpion, the corporate mantra is “Dial it up,” and the company does just that with a full range of marketing services, including search engine marketing and call center coordination. Scorpion doesn’t just generate leads online for its customers – it uses its call center capabilities to help convert them. Its model depends on the ability to target prospects in the specific areas where its service provider clients are focused.


Chris Jenkins, Director of Advertising Systems, explains Scorpion’s challenge and how it was met:

Many of Scorpion's clients are service providers seeking customers in specific locations: think lawyers, franchise developers, even roofers. We need data about their prospects to make sure they are targeted, and also demonstrate to our customers with a high degree of certainty that these are the correct targets. Before Ekata Reverse phone, we used another provider whose state-level information was not specific enough to qualify prospects when they called into our contact centers. We were already using Ekata's Phone Reputation product, and integration of the Reverse Phone API was complete in just three hours. It immediately gave us better information, the product was easier to understand and use, and it did all that at a lower cost.

Better coverage and accuracy

The more precise location data allows Scorpion to deliver more complete prospect files to clients using the Scorpion Marketing System (SMS), which serves as a client's personalized marketing dashboard.

Improved customer experience

More accurate address information from the SMS means Scorpion can unlock and build new features for clients that improve experiences for their prospects.

Lower costs

Knowing which marketing efforts are most effective at providing geo-targeted leads helps Scorpion be more efficient in its pay-per-click advertising spend.

With Reverse Phone from Ekata, we get data that is more consistent and detailed. Most of the time, we see a full address and ZIP+4. It's super cool when you can plot a lead to a rooftop latitude and longitude.

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