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Success Story

See how Ekata helps Internet marketing agency Scorpion dial up its performance with reliable reputation information that reduces friction, speeds sales cycles, and effectively thwarts fraud.

At Scorpion, the corporate mantra is “Dial it up,” and the company does just that with a full range of marketing services, including search engine marketing and call center coordination. Scorpion doesn’t just generate leads online for its customers – it uses its call center capabilities to help convert them. Its closed-loop reporting tracks incoming sales leads from campaign launch all the way through conversion and close.


Chris Jenkins, Director of Advertising Systems, explains the Scorpion approach:

The success of our pay-per-click management is predicated on our ability to block phone calls from spammers, all while preventing unnecessary interference with legitimate leads who are contacting our call centers. Interactive voice response technology was helping to do that, but false positives were introducing too much friction into calls from actual prospects. Based on Phone Reputation data from Ekata, we assigned each call a quality level and automated workflows accordingly. When I checked three months' worth of calls, I found that of those tagged with the least-trusted Level 4, not a single one was from a lead who converted.

Fewer potential customers blocked

With Phone Reputation, Level 4 calls are blocked along with the spam, freeing the queue for good callers and potential clients.


Fraudulent calls routed to IVR

Phone Reputation helps route 100% of the fraudulent calls to the interactive voice response system. Removing these calls from rep queues and the associated sales cycles reduces the risks associated with phone phishing and social engineering.

Friction reduced, experience improved

By routing good prospects away from the IVR and directly to a call center rep, Scorpion reduces friction, improves clients' experiences, and shortens sales cycles.

Given that 90 percent of the business we drive to customers is through phone calls, we needed an effective tool to help improve customer experience while better protecting clients. For us, Phone Reputation from Ekata was a no-brainer.

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