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Worried about TCPA Compliance?

In a constantly changing TCPA landscape, knowing whether a phone number is a landline, mobile, or VoIP is a huge benefit and a major step towards helping firms achieve TCPA compliance. With coverage on all phones in North America, you are best prepared to stay compliant and reach the right party contact.

Gain Actionable Insight About Who’s Calling and Get in Front of Compliance Issues.

Tracking down delinquent debtors can prove challenging in an increasingly mobile society. Before enlisting the help of a private investigator, rely on Ekata to provide the most current contact information available.

Ekata dynamic identity data provides collection agencies with the most up-to-date debtor contact information like current address, phone numbers, and TCPA compliance insights such as line type and carrier. As changes to this critical data occur, so do the real-time linkages of the Ekata Identity Graph, including associated people and historical address data for up to 30 years.

Within the first 10 days of converting to Ekata, our RPC increased 21%. Search by Address yields current address, plus access to up to 30 years of historical addressess and associated individuals which often trace back to the RPC.

Ekata Customer

2.5 Billion
Contact records sourced and synthesized monthly
1 Million
Linkages created every day
2.7 Billion
Person-to-address linkages in Ekata Identity Graph

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