What is your biggest consumer trust opportunity?

Assess where your company’s consumer experience and fraud management strengths and weaknesses lie in 12 questions.


My team and I are up-to-date, and fully prepared, to handle upcoming and current security regulations and laws.

Does your business focus more on security, trust, and data privacy or consumer ease-of-use and convenience?

Does your company conduct business in other countries?

My company has lost, or currently loses, money to preventable issues like fake accounts, account takeover, sign ups, bots, and/or promo abuse.

Would you consider your company’s transaction processing and/or account creation process fast and frictionless for customers?

How well does your company keep up with best practices on account opening?

My company regularly endures revenue losses with fraud-related activity, such as chargebacks, false positives, synthetic identity theft, etc.

Does your company utilize a machine learning model or a rules based system in your risk assessment and fraud prevention strategies?

We have seen customer attrition after experiencing fraud on our website or platform.

My business loses revenue due to non fraud-related customer experience issues like  false declines, sign up friction, undelivered packages, etc.

Studies have shown that repeat customers spend more money than new customers. How strong is your customer loyalty?

True or False: Your business’s added fraud and customer security is “behind the scenes” through machine learning and intelligent risk modeling technologies.

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