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Merchant Onboarding API

Make faster, smarter decisions to ease the friction of merchant onboarding.

The Ekata Merchant Onboarding API provides unique data that crosslinks businesses with the individuals behind them, enabling organizations to onboard micro-merchants and sole proprietor businesses with higher confidence.

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How it Works

Provide individual and business application details (of up to 22 inputs, 6 required) and receive critical insights to help you confidently assess the risk of your merchants around the world.

Network Signals

Signals derived from the over 6B+ global transactions seen by the Ekata Identity Network provide insight into how individual and business identity signals are used online (e.g. how often has a business address been used, when was the individual first seen associated with the business name, when was the individual phone first seen associated with the business, etc.)

Individual and business cross-checks

Cross-checks performed between business phone and individual, individual to business address, and business address to individual indicate the likelihood of an application being fraudulent.

Distanced-based risk signals

We perform a series of distance calculations that have been proven to show increased risk of fraud (e.g. IP distance to business address, individual phone number area code to business address, and more).

Merchant Onboarding API Solves For

Onboard small businesses and micro-merchants

With the rise of global small businesses and micro-merchants, the Ekata Merchant Onboarding API helps enhance existing risk models with key fraud signals that enable you to make faster, more confident decisions.

Quickly Identify Low and High Risk Merchants

The Merchant Onboarding API is used to shift low-risk customers away from high friction onboarding steps such as supplemental document collection and manual review, shortening the time it takes for a new merchant to start processing transactions.

Key Benefits

Make decisions with higher confidence

Build trusted risk profiles for micro-merchants and sole proprietors without the typical track record.

Route good customers through automation

Shift low-risk merchants away from high friction onboarding steps and to the fastest path to conducting transactions.

Reduce time spent in manual review

Together with our Merchant Review SaaS solution, empower your manual review teams to quickly view a key set of individual and business signals that drive to a decision.


Merchant Onboarding API One-Pager

Dive deeper into the technical features of the Merchant Onboarding API and get a glimpse of the risk signals and address metadata provided in the API response.

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