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Address Risk API

Validate and assess the risk of any address in the world, in fractions of a second.

Designed to provide rich metadata and risk signals around any given address, Address Risk API is built to help you improve your fraud model or rules system. In under 100ms, Address Risk API returns a concise response to help you isolate a specific address and assess if it is high or low risk.

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How it Works

Provide an address for any customer interaction and receive valuable information to help identify whether the address is high or low risk.

Network Signals

Five signals derived from the Ekata Identity Network to assess the riskiness of the address: how often it’s been used, how many businesses it has been used at, how often it’s been used with other elements, and when we first and last saw the address.


Latitude and longitude data points for calculating distances from other reference points.

Normalized Addresses

Consistently formatted addresses for your models and rules-based systems.

Unique Identifier

Unique identifier (UUID) that can be used to perform velocity calculations.

Address Risk API Solves For

Address Validation and Risk Assessment

Fight fraudsters by performing velocity checks to identify any repeated patterns of usage or address tumbling to help you detect policy abuse and fraud.

Identify Low Risk Geographic Zones

Use geocoordinates to calculate distances from other reference points as part of your risk analysis and establish geographic risk “zones” to streamline checkouts.

Key Benefits

Focused Risk on Address

Use risk signals and insights specific to a provided address over a combination of identity elements.

Optimized Customer Workflows

Assess the risk of an address early on in your interactions with customers and add friction to risky user experiences.

Normalized and Simplified Addresses

Utilize normalized addresses to optimize your customer experience and shipping and fulfilment process while also reducing fraud.

Validity Checks

Verify the validity of an address to a specific level such as street or unit number.


Address Risk API One-Pager

Dive deeper into the technical features of the Address Risk API and get a glimpse of the risk signals and address metadata provided in the API response.

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Evaluate the Risk of Any Address in Fractions of a Second

Learn how Address Risk API can help alleviate fraud costs due to risky addresses so you can streamline checkouts, identity fraud early in your customer workflows, and enforce business policies.

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