Privacy Overview and FAQ

Whitepages was founded under the guiding principle of “Data for Good”, and Whitepages Pro is guided by this core value as we focus on providing businesses with global identity verification and fraud prevention solutions. When it comes to safeguarding the data of our clients and their end users, we maintain high privacy and security standards. We offer processes for data subjects to view, correct, or delete information above and beyond the minimum required by law, and we implement role-based access controls to prevent unnecessary exposure of personal information.

See below for answers to frequently asked questions:

Where can I find the privacy policy applicable to Whitepages Pro?

It is available here.

Where can I find the privacy policy applicable to and Whitepages Premium?

It is available here.

Does Whitepages have an internal privacy program?

Yes, Whitepages maintains an internal privacy policy and annual privacy training for all team members.

Is there a mechanism for EU citizens to contact Whitepages?

Yes, is dedicated to fulfilling requests for EU citizens.