Partner integration

The Twilio integration with Ekata gives developers a single source for adding in-depth phone and caller data attributes onto their Twilio powered products and solutions.

Add the Power of Data to Twilio APIs

As a Premier Marketplace Partner, Ekata lets Twilio users easily use our data with Twilio communication APIs. Ekata provides the following products as easy-to-deploy, pay-as-you go Add-ons within the Twilio Marketplace, including Caller Identification API, Phone Intelligence API, and Phone Reputation API.

caller identification

Caller Identification API

Get accurate caller name, demographics, address, and more.

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phone validation

Phone Intelligence API

Enhance number lookups with burner, virtual, and pre-paid phone attributes.

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phone spam protection

Phone Reputation API

Detect global phone spam and scam activity in real-time.

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