Accelerate Digital Account Opening Safely with NICE Actimize + Ekata

NICE Actimize’s IFM-X provides end-to-end holistic fraud management that encompasses the entire customer lifecycle: application and account opening, new account activity, ongoing customer activity, and customer growth. IFM-X New Account Fraud seamlessly connects with the Ekata Identity Engine to reduce friction and enable higher acquisition rates while accurately detecting stolen and synthetic identity fraud to stop bad actors at the door.

Key Benefits

Open more accounts. Safely.

Accelerate new account applications through a single channel for reduced friction that leads to lower abandonment rates and drives new account acquisition.

Reduce losses and prevent fraud.

Protect your institution by identifying fraudsters during account opening to prevent them from infiltrating and later perpetrating fraud schemes across multiple lines of products.

Grow and retain customers.

Safely increase account-holder revenue growth by employing high-accuracy identity fraud protection that enables richer, faster sales propositions.

Ekata Data Feature

Network Signals

Returns three proprietary signals to assess the riskiness of the location address, phone, and combination of the phone and email provided.

Enriched Phone Metadata

Gain insight into the line type of the phone number, the phone carrier, and country code, which can together provide a strong indicator for fraud.

IP Distance from Address Calculations

Gauge the distance between your customer’s IP and their physical address.

Risk Flags and Scores

Leverage model-derived predictions, Identity Risk Score, Identity Network Score, and IP Risk flag in your risk models to assess the riskiness of the account.

Match Status to Name

Confirm that the email, phone, and address information provided in the application are associated with the customer’s name.

Business Problems

Identity Graph

Your fraud controls add too much friction to the account opening process.

IFM-X New Account Fraud provides real-time fraud controls that don’t introduce additional friction, which can lead to high application abandonment rates and closed accounts for good customers.

You’re seeing downstream losses due to identity fraud.

Fraudsters leverage stolen PII to create accounts using synthetic and stolen identity at scale. By implementing IFM-X New Account Fraud during account opening, you can more accurately detect stolen and synthetic identity fraud to stop bad actors at the door.

Identity verification process doesn’t have to be a one-time thing.

Fragmented onboarding and transaction monitoring systems can make it difficult to track changes to the identity of a new account holder. IFM-X New Account Fraud enables you to continually conduct identity validation checks — especially during the critical first 90 days when account profiles haven’t fully matured.

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