Partner integration

The FICO integration of Ekata brings dynamic identity data to FICO customers. Our real time, non-traditional PII data about people, phones, addresses, and emails can easily be layered into their current identity verification workflows.

Access identity data directly in FICO

The FICO integration of Ekata helps companies to mitigate risk by assessing the validity of an applicant’s information upfront, optimizing the customer experience, and increasing right party contact rates with the most up-to-date contact information.

Verify applicants' identities

Reduce applicant frustration and combat identity theft when you layer in Ekata Identity Check™ in the consumer lending application workflow.

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Increase Right Party Contact rates

Ekata dynamic identity data provides collection agencies with the most up-to-date debtor contact information like current address, phone numbers, and more.

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Improve call center operations

Identify caller’s name, address, demographics, and details on the phone to remove friction for good customers and increase friction for potential risky calls.

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Get the details on the FICO integration

Learn more about our global identity data available within FICO.

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