Partner integration

The Experian integration of Ekata identity data into the Experian CrossCore™ fraud platform provides an easy yet powerful way to access best-in-class identity data for fighting fraud, mitigating risk, and enhancing the customer experience.

Access Identity Check directly in Experian CrossCore™

Identify legitimate customers, prevent fraudulent transactions, and smooth new account creation with industry leading identity data.

Clear good orders faster

Access authoritative phone, email, address and IP data for real-time verification of who is behind an order.

View how the Identity Check API works

Identify fraud and reduce risk

Cross check identity data attributes to better understand which accounts and orders may be victims of synthetic identity fraud.

See our risk signals of synthetic identity fraud

Enhance the customer experience

Create new accounts with accuracy and reduce friction in the fulfillment process to enhance the customer experience.

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Get the details on the Experian integration

Learn more about our identity data available within Experian.

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