Over $140B of orders verified


Verify orders with confidence

Use our real-time, global identity data to clear good orders fast and fight fraud

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Over $140B of good transactions verified


Merchants must prevent fraud and increase revenue with a streamlined customer experience.

Cross-border expansion

With fraud rates for international orders being 1.5 times higher than domestic, companies will need to develop cross-border strategies.

Fraud attacks

Successfully preventing chargebacks requires utilizing a holistic identity verification strategy as part of the order process.

Customer friction

Companies must keep customer insult rate low while providing a quick and convenient, frictionless experience for their customers.


Reducing online fraud to preserve quality customer experience requires companies to verify identities quickly and accurately.

Clear good orders faster

Approve more quality orders in 50% less time and increase customer satisfaction using automated identity verification.

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Prevent fraud

Fight fraud and reduce chargebacks by 40% with accurate data and real-time machine learning.

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Automate processes

Implement direct workflow integration to cut manual review time in half.

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We don’t want to insult our customers and we don’t want to cancel legitimate orders, so we rely on as much data as we can to make sure our customer’s orders are going through successfully. Using Ekata API integration within our fraud platform lets us build rules to minimize risk and create a safe and successful shopping experience while keeping out bad transactions.”

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Ekata Identity Check API processes over 1.2M queries a day to help merchants verify good orders and detect fraud with confidence.

Identity Check API

Real-time global data and network insights

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Machine Learning

Manual review tool with platform integration

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Global data coverage

Identity data in over 170 countries

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Confidence Score

Predictive score from 70+ data signals

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