Caller Identification API

Officespace & Ekata

Success Story

The Opportunity is America’s fastest growing free commercial real estate site. With thousands of listings for retail, office and industrial spaces, they streamline the process of finding office spaces by connecting tenants with brokers. Their clever suite of products has created a hyper-efficient marketplace that helps brokers close more deals.

To better serve brokers, adopted Twilio to route calls and automatically tell the broker which building the prospective tenant is calling about. But it soon became apparent that brokers wanted more information on the incoming lead. What needed was a way to quickly pull and store the caller’s contact details for the broker to use on post-call follow-up.

The Solution incorporated Ekata data to source relevant contact information. When a broker receives a call, gives them the backend tracking information such as the caller’s name, phone number, location, email and the addresses of any other spaces they are currently leasing.

By using Pro to provide more information on incoming callers, greatly increased the value of their leads. If a broker is unable to answer the phone, they can now look up the missed call’s demographic information and qualify the lead. This capability empowers brokers to prioritize their follow-up and recover lost leads.

Increase in broker response rates
Increase in annual client volume
Significant Decrease
In client turnover

We’re in a competitive industry and Ekata data gives us a significant advantage in the marketplace.

Susie Algard

CEO and Founder of

The Results

After implementing Ekata, increased their number of clients and improved their retention rate. Adding Pro’s extensive contact information heightened the quality of their leads to such an extent that they have doubled their service rates and seen a subsequent lift in revenue.

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