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By upgrading from Ekata's web-based solution to the automated Identity Check API, Moosejaw cut review time and labor even further to help more customers get more gear faster.

Moosejaw Mountaineering calls itself “The Most Fun Outdoor Retailer in the World (According to our Moms)”. And it lives up to its name, doing all it can to help people have fun in the sun (or snow, or rain). Behind this playful approach is a serious business, with nine brick-and-mortar locations and a thriving online store, featuring in-demand brands such as The North Face, Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear and Suunto.


Kevin Horneffer, Fraud Prevention Manager, explains why they made the switch to the Identity Check API:

We had used the Ekata web solution for about 2 ½ years with great success. We saw a massive reduction in chargebacks and service levels went way up. So when an Identity Check API integration through CyberSource Decision Manager became available, we were all over it. Implementation was pretty seamless—we eased our way in using Monitor mode, which showed us how the accept/review rules would perform in production. We could see the benefits right away. There was less back and forth, and a decrease in “annoyance factor” of having to go through all the checks to find out if everything was fine. Now we clear good customers even faster and can concentrate on orders that need further investigation. The reduction in review and labor means we can expand our reach and be as proactive as possible in our whole fraud strategy.


Shorter manual review queues

Before the Identity Check API integration, rule data was too broad and would stop too many good orders. The upgrade enabled more efficient “accept” scenarios that reduce manual review--including a 25 bps drop in orders previously flagged by the AVS no-match rule.

Faster clearance for good customers

The Identity Check API allows for automation that delivers faster turnaround on orders and reduces unnecessary cancellations, resulting in less customer friction and inconvenience.

Better insight and coverage

All data is available on CyberSource’s Decision Manager review screen, so it’s much easier to spot commonalities in reported fraud and make specific rules for our high-end product categories.

With the integrated Identity Check API, we can auto-approve orders and keep labor costs stable even as we push out higher volumes faster. We can see what data points give us a positive review response and make more informed decisions. And we can leverage the data in other areas of our business. This helps us maintain a high service level and a low fraud rate, despite selling many brands sought after by fraudsters.

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