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Handle peak volumes while fighting fraud

Use our global identity review solution to investigate fraud and approve good transactions

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Handle peak volumes while fighting fraud


Manual review agents must ensure quality customer experience, quickly detect fraud, and approve good orders with confidence.

Sophisticated fraudsters

Criminals have become more sophisticated and routinely deploy attacks that evade typical risk management controls.

Customer insult rates

Companies must keep customer insult rate low while providing a quick and convenient, frictionless experience for their customers.


Recent studies show that in 2018, eCommerce merchants, on average, will lose $14.7 million of their revenue to chargebacks.


Reduce manual review time so agents can focus on detecting fraud and approving good orders quickly.

Increase agent productivity

Approve more good orders and access accurate identity data with a single click in 50% less time.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Streamline your manual review process to reduce customer insult rates and improve customer experience.

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Fight fraudulent orders

Use risk signals to catch discrepancies and reduce chargebacks by more than 40%.

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Not only has Ekata added new features that allow us to make even smarter decisions when it comes to releasing or cancelling orders, it offers seamless integration with our fraud-prevention provider. The benefits from the power of this partnership means happier customers and less fraud.”

Leyder Flores
Director of Operations


Pro Insight provides manual review agents with quality data and network insights in one simple interface to accelerate fraud detection and order verification.

Pro Insight

The best global identity review solution

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Confidence Score

Predictive score from 70+ data signals

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Global data coverage

Identity data in over 170 countries

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