Webinar: Kount Integrates with Ekata

Kount customers can now take advantage of the newly released integration with Ekata. Ekata's global identity verification data and tools help companies identify legitimate customers and get good orders out the door faster. With a single Identity Check query, Kount clients can conduct up to 5 different searches across 5 billion global contact records in the Ekata Identity Graph, where 1 million new linkages between people, addresses, emails, phones, and IPs are created daily. Combine this data with Kount’s real-time fraud detection and you’ll have access to a larger and more powerful identity verification network to use for rule-building and manual review.

View this on-demand webinar to get an inside look at the new Ekata Identity Check integration in the Kount Agent Web Console. Topics include:

  • A review of Ekata Identity Check
  • How to access the Ekata integration in Kount
  • Kount ruleset examples that include various Identity Check returns
  • How to evaluate Identity Check by using your own transaction data
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the integration

Watch the Webinar