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Now integrated with Kount & Cybersource

You don’t want to miss Whitepages' Tom Donlea and Spencer McLain demonstrate the power of Whitepages Pro's unique data elements and how you are now able to write rules in your fraud platform to auto-accept more transactions.

The Whitepages Pro Engineering Team can suggest specific rules, tailored to your goals, by running a historical data test. We'll review recent merchant data tests and highlight the most impactful data elements and rules. In tests with leading eCommerce companies, Whitepages Pro data was able to reduce manual review by 40%!

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • About Whitepages Pro data elements and what makes them unique
  • What Whitepages Pro rules apply to your business
  • With which fraud platforms Whitepages Pro is fully integrated

Watch the recording to learn how to write rules around Whitepages Pro data in your fraud platform.

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Meet the Presenters

Tom Donlea

Tom Donlea is Director of the eCommerce Practice for Whitepages Pro. For nearly 20 years, Whitepages has been the definitive source for contact information. Whitepages Pro supplies identity verification tools to merchants including name, phone, address, IP and email. Prior to Whitepages Pro, Tom worked at the Merchant Risk Council, the leading trade association for preventing online fraud and promoting secure e-commerce. Donlea has over 20 years of non-profit management experience including starting a network of venture philanthropy organizations as Executive Director of Social Venture Partners International.

Spencer McLain

Spencer McLain manages Whitepages Pro’s fraud platform partnerships and helps merchants automate their decision-making processes by suggesting rules that make sense for their business. He’s pioneering a new data test process that allows us to quantify the results a merchant would see from Whitepages Pro data if they implemented a specific ruleset based on historical data.