Twilio Ekata Webinar

Build Intelligent Contact Center Routing with Twilio TaskRouter and Ekata Data

On-Demand Webinar
Improve Customer Experience in the Contact Center

Intelligently route communications to provide a better customer experience for your callers and agents. In this webinar, Twilio and Ekata will show how to build dynamic workflows using Twilio TaskRouter and Ekata data.

In this webinar, you will learn during a hands-on demonstration how to:

  • Apply phone reputation data to an incoming call and build a task that manages spam callers
  • Route a call based on the caller’s granular location details
  • Leverage a caller’s demographic details and connect them to the best matched agent

Twilio TaskRouter is an API-based solution for routing an incoming call, text, chat, and more to the right agent, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure and providing the flexibility to plug into a business’s existing applications.

Ekata data provides caller insights, including location, demographics, and phone details like line-type and carrier, to inform smart routing rules that lead to better customer engagement.

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Billy Chia

Billy serves as Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Twilio responsible for platform and marketplace. For the past 8 years he has worked with technologies that allow communications to be programmed in software. Starting with Linux-based solutions that ran on prem and moving to cloud solutions powering mobile and web apps, he has seen the evolution of communications from the closet to the cloud. At Twilio Billy is helping to drive the next generation of communications software.


Jordan Reynolds

Jordan Reynolds serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Ekata, responsible for working with top-tier technology platforms to enable seamless access to the Ekata Identity Graph. Jordan leverages risk management and marketing and lead generation industry experience along with product expertise to help partners and resellers unlock the business value of data and APIs. A Seattle native, Jordan holds a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington.


Chris Hales

As a Sales Engineer for Ekata, Chris Hales straddles the line between outbound sales support and internal engineering projects. With his background in computer science, Chris gets tapped to construct demos to showcase how the Ekata APIs can be easily integrated into a wide variety of platforms. Chris has earned degrees from the University of Washington and Seattle University.