Processing over
18M leads


Increase conversion rates and fight fraud

Use our real-time, global data to quickly identify quality leads and lower cost per fund

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Processing over 18M leads


Online lenders must use lead verification to stay competitive, expedite quality loan applicants, and keep profits high.

Synthetic identity theft

36% of digital lending applicants are suspected to be fraudulent, which is one of highest fraud rates of any industry.

High acquisition costs

Purchasing leads is a major cost center for lenders, especially when only a small percentage actually convert into loans.

Increasing consumer demand for speed

Consumer expectations have amplified the importance of reducing customer friction and approving applicants quickly.


Reduce cost per fund and lead purchases to increase conversion rates and verify better leads.

Prevent fraud loss

Leverage identity data in rules and machine learning models to avoid fraud and eliminate bad leads.

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Lower cost per conversion

Identify quality customers at the top of the funnel to lower acquisition spend by more than 15%.

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Reduce customer friction

Provide a better user experience and increase conversion rates by 50% with a simplified, fast sign-up process.

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This company went from purchasing an average of 163 leads to 113 leads a day, while the conversion rate more than doubled from 15% to 30.22%.”


Pro Insight and the Identity Check API provide quality data and machine learning to lower cost, optimize spend, and reduce fraud.

Identity Check API

Real-time global data and network insights

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Machine Learning

Manual review tool with platform integration

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Pro Insight

The best global identity review solution

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