Report: The State of Identity Verification Maturity in North America

During the development of this report in early 2018, Whitepages Pro commissioned a survey of 150 North American online merchants and lenders of varying sizes to evaluate their level of identity verification maturity.

They were asked about their current practices, motivations for – and perceived obstacles to – adopting more sophisticated identity verification practices, and the measurable business benefits that accrue for organizations as they become increasingly mature in their approach to identity verification.

The four stages of identity verification maturity:

STAGE 1: Not currently performing identity verification.

STAGE 2: Attempting identity verification, but not doing it consistently.

STAGE 3: Consistently using identity verification, incorporating a larger proportion of available data, and experimenting with data linkages.

STAGE 4: Have embraced holistic identity verification.


How online merchants and lenders think about identity verification today

How organizations are using data to verify identities

The promise of automation for identity verification

Balancing the cost of implementing identity verification vs. waiting

The benefits of a mature identity verification solution

Read our findings and learn about the state of identity verification maturity in North America