Identity Check API verifying risk signals for consumer origination

Identity Check Risk Signals for Online Lending


Ekata provides online lenders with the quality data and network insights to optimize the speed and cost of their acquisition funnel. Increase conversion rates, optimize acquisition spend, and mitigate risk with Identity Check API.

Risk Indicators

Confidence Score

A high number score is often a clear sign of risk and fraud

Mismatched Data

We see the level of risk spike with each additional data attribute that doesn’t match.

Email Never Seen or New Email

When we’ve never seen an email before, or it was recently established under 90 days ago, we see high risk of fraud.

Invalid Contact Information

If our records indicate that a phone, address, or email details on the lead application are invalid, it may require additional review.

Prepaid Phones

This is a risk indicator for certain transactions, such as larger loan sizes or those associated with contract terms.

Non-Fixed VoIP & Landline Phones

When we see these line types they are often associated with risk and fraudulent orders.


Proxy IP Address

The application becomes inherently riskier when you are unable to determine the client’s true IP location.

Positive Indicators

Confidence Score

A lower number score is a positive indicator of a  good lead.

Matching Data

We match the name, phone, address, email, and IP on a lead to determine if they belong to the same person.

Email First Seen

A longer history of activity associated with the email address, especially over 2 years, provides confirmation of legitimacy.

IP Geolocation

It is generally a positive indicator when the transaction comes from an IP address that is near the address or phone on the application.

Our API easily integrates into existing online lending workflows, platforms, and models to identify quality leads and fast-track good applicants through your systems.

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