GoPro Tackles Peak Season Fraud

Success Story

By combining Ekata Pro Insight and Identity Check API, GoPro confidently fights back against fraud.

When a highly-anticipated new product launches at GoPro, fans of the company’s line of popular action cameras lineup to purchase. Unfortunately, fraudsters take advantage of new product launches, too. Whether they’re trying to bypass bill-to/ship-to address rules, or using fake voices to place orders in the call center, fraudsters attempts to place orders can be every bit as creative as the action-packed videos GoPro’s legitimate customers film.

To keep hot new cameras out of the hands of fraudsters and put them into the hands of good customers without any hassle, GoPro’s fraud prevention team needs powerful tools. That’s why GoPro began working with Ekata, using both the integrated API and Pro Insight to get a clearer picture of good and bad orders. Having this robust data at their fingertips has been critical to helping GoPro fight back against fraud.

Carla Gutierrez, GoPro’s Manager of Global e-Commerce Fraud & Payments Solutions, explains how they leverage the combined powers of Ekata’s API and web solutions.:

We utilize Ekata’s API in our accept rules, to reduce the number of orders in the review queue. Ekata Pro Insight is most helpful in helping us validate errors in customer data. For example, if Ekata API tells us the email doesn’t exist, it may be because the customer made a typo. With Pro Insight, we have the ability to validate that data, then go in and change it.


More suspicious orders sidelined to fraud queue

Ekata’s data has helped GoPro identify common attributes between fraudulent orders, making it easier to write rules that sideline bad orders while lowering the number of false positives.


Better adherence to SLAs

To GoPro, success means meeting timely SLAs when shipping out orders. Better data and regular reviews of rules mean they can keep their team from being overwhelmed by the fraud queue so good orders get out faster.


Reduction in false positives

The ability to write highly-specific rules has allowed GoPro’s team to narrow down false positives, while Ekata Pro Insight lets them validate customer information faster than ever.

We’re constantly refining our rulesets to make sure the review rate is manageable, which allows our team to be comfortable and ensures that we can make changes at the drop of a hat.

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