GiftRocker Rocks Gift Cards Over The Holiday Season

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Learn how GiftRocker preps for the holiday season

With gift card commerce expected to reach $160B in 2018, the holiday season is always a busy one.

Listen to the recording of our live webinar with Alex Robertson, Founder and CEO of GiftRocker, to hear how they prep for the holidays as a digital goods company, and fight gift card fraud during their busiest time of year.

We discussed:

  • Prepping for the holidays to streamline the customer experience
  • The top three risk indicators for gift card fraud
  • The biggest holiday challenges they face


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Tuesday, September 18 2018 at 10:00am PST


Alex Robertson

GiftRocker | CEO and Founder

Alyson Andrews

Whitepages Pro | Customer Marketing Manager

Speaker Bios

Alex Robertson | GiftRocker
CEO and Founder

Alex is passionate about helping small business owners leverage e-commerce and mobile commerce to maximize returns at a reasonable cost. Interested in anything that reduces transaction friction while maintaining independent brand recognition in the payments space. Prior to founding GiftRocker, Alex enjoyed delivering large corporate cash management, billing and customer relationship (CRM) applications for Fortune 500 financial and communications companies.

Alyson Andrews | Whitepages Pro
Customer Marketing Manager

Alyson Andrews is a Customer Marketing Manager at Whitepages Pro. She has been working in tech for the last 5 years and has been lucky enough to work with brands such as Amazon, Samsung, Apple, Nordstrom, and Alaska Airlines. She prides herself on delivering exceptional value to her customers and strives to make their lives easier.