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Success Story

See how Ekata helps Garmin reduce fraud and improve customer service with quick and reliable verification of customer email and phone information.

Garmin got its start in aviation, but now its navigation and fitness-monitoring devices are on our boats, cars, bikes and even our wrists. They can take us running, swimming, cycling, fishing, sailing, golfing, hiking and hunting. Garmin’s Accounting Operations team reviews customers’ orders to confirm planned shipments are being sent to legitimate customers.

Lisa Brauch, Accounting Operations Manager, explains how it works:

Identity verification is essential if our team is to reach its goals. We have to be certain the product we ship will be paid for; and at the same time we want to avoid fraudulent charges on consumers’ credit cards. We needed reliable and detailed information that was easy to use and available at a reasonable cost. We got all that with Ekata, which we use to validate address and phone information for orders placed online. It alerts us to recently created email addresses and fraud schemes that use fake email addresses. All the information is displayed in one place, which makes for quicker decision-making.

Cog wheel

One tool, one site

With Ekata, most order information work can be accomplished with a single tool at a single site. Reducing the time needed to review orders means that the good ones get out faster and the bad ones are stopped in their tracks.

Email envelope

Visibility into email legitimacy

The email validation information provided by Ekata gives visibility into the legitimacy of an address used in an order. Has the address been seen before? Is there a potential fraud that should be flagged for review?

Cell phone

Additional protection for mobile

Reaching mobile phone customers to confirm shipping information has been a challenge. The mobile phone coverage of Ekata makes possible an additional layer of fraud detection and gives legitimate customers confidence we care.


Ekata not only validates address and phone information for orders placed online, its cell phone features give us the means to contact customers to validate information prior to shipping. That capability improves our customer service.

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