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FTD’s Provide Commerce and Ekata team up to fulfill the mission of supporting and inspiring every gift-giver with a trusted online experience and speedy order fulfillment to keep business blooming.

With over 107 years of experience as a highly-recognized brand, FTD Companies, Inc. has earned the reputation for reliable and quick gift fulfillment. Their mission is to inspire, support, and delight their customers when expressing life’s most important sentiments. While floral arrangements and plants are their primary offerings, they also market and sell gift items, including jewelry, chocolate dipped strawberries and other sweets, gift baskets, wine, fruit, and spa products.

FTD Companies provide services across a family of nine distinct brands, including Shari’s Berries, Personal Creations, Interflora, and ProFlowers, delighting clients in over 150 countries with hundreds of thousands of orders for chocolates, roses, and personalized goods every month. However, unlike many eCommerce retailers that can plan for a single peak period in the fourth quarter, FTD sees volumes peak throughout the year for those special moments at Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. During these key holidays, order volumes can be astronomical. The number of orders held for review by the Loss Prevention team can jump by 1200% during the holiday peaks, increasing to twelve times the normal volume during an off-peak season.

While these key dates, freshness guarantees, and the Flowers in Hours promise keep clients coming back to the trusted FTD brand, the manual review team is challenged with keeping customer insult rates low while combatting fraud.

Bryan Schwartz, Senior CS Operations Generalist, explains the Deep Link Builder solution:

We have had it for only a week, and it has already been a big help. When you review 1,200 orders a day with a fraud rate of 0.1%, having every member of my team using deep links means that we spend a fraction of the time on legitimate orders and ensures we are still able to catch fraud, even during peak.

One of the ways the FTD team manages loss prevention throughout the year is by confirming verifiable order information through other sources. However, as more and more transactions come through on gift cards, matching the sender’s name to the payment method is becoming a less reliable method of verification. To stay ahead of fraud, FTD turned to additional verification tools, including CyberSource and Ekata Pro Insight. With Pro Insight Identity Review, the team is able to quickly determine if the name, phone(s), billing and/or shipping address(es), email, and IP on a transaction look legitimate and all belong to the same person.

Initially, the FTD Customer Service team was performing Identity Review searches manually to review orders and chargebacks through the Pro Insight interface. Given FTD’s volumes and commitment to fast service, they needed Identity Review results delivered faster, just like their flowers.

The Ekata deep link builder makes this speed possible. With just a Chrome extension and five minutes to get it set up and running, the FTD team was able to complete a true single click Identity Review without the need to involve IT or developers.

With one click we can focus on results, rather than running searches.


Quick Configuration

From zero to hero, it took less than 5 minutes for Bryan Shwartz to set up and configure the template. His team of twelve fraud review agents were up and running, using it to move through their orders the exact same day.

Faster Review

Before implementing deep links, it took an average of 3 minutes to review an order to determine if it was a good customer or if something was awry on the transaction. Now an agent can rule out a legitimate order in a matter of seconds, meaning less time held in review, faster fulfillment and happier customers!

Happier Customers

Ekata’s extensive data around phones and addresses also gives the delivery failure team the ability to make more customers happy, reduce refunds and replacements, and save time resolving address issues for the customer. These new efficiencies have allowed FTD to deliver perishable gifts that may have been previously misshipped due to accidental customer input errors.

I definitely like that we can provide a secondary address, as our recipient information is often different from the sender. It can raise a red flag when the IP address is in the vicinity of the recipient and 1,000 miles from the sender. This is a new comparable we did not have before we started using the deep link extension.

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