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At Ekata, trust and transparency fuel our team. We build global digital identity verification solutions to combat cyber-fraud and enable a frictionless customer experience, work that makes the digital world a better place. Be part of our global team and make a difference.

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Ekata's Mission

Be the global standard in digital identity verification with a primary focus on high scale/very low latency transaction processing, to combat cyberfraud and enable a frictionless customer experience.

We are focused on building a collaborative and inclusive team of innovative people who are looking to solve real business problems and take ownership of their work. Together, we’re working towards standardizing a higher level of transparency and security, as the world around us continues to advance digitally.

Our Operating Imperatives

Build Enduring Customer Relationships

We stay close to the market, especially to our customers and partners. Showing up consistently, actively listening, communicating openly, and being responsive are all critical ingredients for success. Call us old school, but we believe building a meaningful relationship requires a human touch. So we travel the world over to engage the market in-person.

Innovate in Dog Years

Market leadership demands innovation; in particular, it demands innovation at unparalleled speed. This is especially true in product and engineering. But sustained market leadership requires innovation equally in how we take products to market, work with customers and channel partners, and scale our services. Innovation at Ekata is a journey without a destination.

Embrace the Grind

We believe success requires effort, iterative improvement, and repeated messaging: we call it the “grind.” We ruthlessly prioritize our work since continuous effort demands dogged persistence over the long haul.

Bring a Point of View

To work at Ekata is to engage actively in our mission. This means thinking critically, developing an opinion, and taking a stand when needed. Said differently, don’t just bring a problem, bring a solution.

Embody Trust and Transparency

At Ekata, we respect and embrace different ideas, opinions, and identities, always assuming best intent. We depend on the fact that we are not all the same to fuel successful collaboration and teamwork.

Push Accountability to the Edge

The edge is where our folks with the most context operate, whether at sprint planning or in-market customer meetings. We fundamentally believe in delegating responsibility to make decisions at the edge, because we can move faster and engage folks more powerfully if they can execute and have accountability for their decisions.

Elevate Security and Privacy at Every Turn

We do so because it’s the right thing to do. We handle personally identifiable information at global scale and take every opportunity to secure our systems and protect the data with which we are entrusted. We work with the most demanding businesses on earth. We work under every major regulation in the world. There is always more to be done, we never give up.

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Today, 2,000 businesses across 200 countries, including five of the top ten global online retailers, the top three global online travel and hospitality sites, two major credit card brands, and the top five fraud platforms, rely on Ekata to help verify the identities of their customers.

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