Identity Check - Verified Transactions

Emaginenet & Ekata

Success Story

The Opportunity

EmagineNET provides innovative software solutions to over three million check-cashing businesses that are looking to minimize financial risk. When an independently owned store offers to cash a customer’s check, they face the danger of encountering either a check that’s fraudulent, a stop account or a fake issue from the U.S. Treasury. EmagineNET helps these stores by providing them with software that assesses the risk of the transaction.

But with so many of their customers receiving checks from members of the underbanked population, EmagineNET couldn’t look to the credit file data that’s traditionally used by banks to manage risk. What they needed was a more accessible form of identity data that could determine if the name on the check matched the rest of the information provided by the check holder.

The Solution

Identity Check: Verify Check Holder's Identity

EmagineNET called on Ekata data to verify the check holder’s identity. By adding Pro’s API to their software, EmagineNET is able to validate the check holder’s name against other data points that are typically associated with the underbanked population, such as the check holder’s mobile or landline phone number, and the distance of the check holder’s home address to the store’s geolocation. Pro’s contact data gives EmagineNET the ability to only accept transactions that can be verified.

We trust Ekata to accurately verify user contact information. Implementing their services has allowed us to maximize revenue and reduce risk.

Arif Momin

EmagineNET Co-Founder

The Results

After integrating with Pro, EmagineNET has increased the accuracy of their financial risk evaluations. Pro’s convenient API also speeds up the process of cashing checks and gives EmagineNET customers the confidence to know that they’re engaging in a legitimate transaction. All of these factors have contributed to an impressive rise in customers and subsequent revenue.

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