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Success Story

See how Ekata gives key information about car shoppers that helps dealerships improve conversations and increase conversions.

Nearly 20 million visitors a month go to, where they can get instant, upfront prices for cars and trucks for sale at 10,000 dealer franchises across the country. In its push to provide customers with a frictionless connection to dealerships, has focused intensely on the power of the mobile device.


Nick Gorton, Vice President of Product Innovation explains:

We can see a day when shoppers will be able to buy a car entirely from their mobile device. Already we’re able to start conversations between buyers and dealers through an SMS messaging platform we manage. Monetizing those conversations requires information, so, when other providers returned inaccurate and incomplete customer data, we turned to Ekata. The tools provided by Ekata allow us to provide a better connection between the shopper and the car dealership.

Identify buyers with a more personalized experience

With Ekata, can provide its dealership clients with more accurate context about their potential prospects. This additional information leads to a smoother conversation for the dealership and a more personalized experience for the customer.

Recognize best lead channel performance finds that connecting the right leads to the right dealership is important. Even more importantly, helping the dealerships understand which lead channel performs best results in higher conversions and greater success. Ekata address data helps with the all-important sales attribution of the leads, making clients feel more confident in their prospects.


Improved sales attribution by 18%

The sale is the ultimate proof of success, and the reason keeps connecting customers with dealer clients. Since implementing Ekata, has seen its ability to identify car buyers increase by 18 percent, an improvement it attributes to the solution’s higher-quality data.

Before making the switch to Ekata, we did a test comparing the accuracy of the results from our old vendor with that of Ekata. We were blown away by the results.

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