Phone Reverse LookUp

Earlyconnect & Ekata

Success Story

The Opportunity

EarlyConnect knows the importance of quality customer service. Since much of the consumer-to-brand experiences occur through call centers, their API and Web-based products focus on automating and simplifying call center management for their clients. Backed by that goal, they are devoted to helping businesses spend more quality time with customers and less time verifying contact details.

But after gaining major name-brand companies as clients, they needed faster, broader access to accurate consumer contact information in order to assist their clients in tracking who is calling and solving customer issues.

The Solution

Knowing that they needed robust third-party contact data, EarlyConnect looked to Ekata for help. Integrating with Pro’s API allows them to perform a reverse-phone lookup on the incoming caller and return Pro’s in-depth data via screen-pop to the call center agent’s computer. All it takes is one phone number for the search, and the agent sees important data points such as the caller’s name, line type, carrier information, geo-location, and whether or not the phone is prepaid. Receiving this data on the first ring enables agents to provide a higher standard of service and resolve customer problems faster and more efficiently.

Ekata is a stable and secure partner. Pro’s Graph API has made our services more reliable and helped our clients grow their businesses.

Albert Shin

CEO of EarlyConnect

The Results

Thanks to Pro’s API, EarlyConnect ensures that the quality of their services meets the high standards of their big brand clients. Automatic access to the caller’s contact data means that the agent does not have to waste time asking the caller for information. By streamlining this process, EarlyConnect reduces their clients’ call handling times and the human error associated with entering customer contact information while on a live call. At the end of the day, it’s a better experience for both the agent and the caller.

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