Ekata Data Dictionary

As a leader in global identity verification data we provide businesses with solutions via enterprise-scale APIs and web tools to help identify legitimate customers, prevent fraudulent transactions, and smooth new customer account creation. Get the details behind the data in our Ekata’ Identity Graph™ using our data dictionary. Download the PDF.

Name Data Attributes icon Name Data Attributes

NAME Includes first, middle and last names, plus salutation and suffix if available
GENDER Indicates whether the person is male or female.
AGE RANGE Provides a five-year range for individuals over 18 years of age.
RELATED PEOPLE Lists household members, and related and associated people to a person.
CURRENT & HISTORIC LOCATION Provides current and past address data, including start and end dates for each address.
PRIMARY LINK TO SECONDARY Indicates if there is a link between the primary name and the secondary address.
LINKED TO ADDRESSES Indicates how long the person has been associated with the primary and/or secondary address.
LINKED TO PHONE NUMBERS Indicates how long the person has been associated with primary and secondary phone numbers.

Phone Number Attributes icon Phone Number Attributes

PHONE OWNER Indicates who currently the phone is associated to.
LINE TYPE Indicates whether a number is a landline, mobile, fixed or non-fixed VoIP (including Google Voice or Skype), a premium number, a toll-free number, or voicemail-only service.
CARRIER Indicates the company providing service to the associated number, including hard-to-identify carriers such as Boost, Metro PCS and TracFone.
ASSOCIATED PEOPLE Provides a list of relatives, and people in the same household.
ASSOCIATED LOCATIONS Provides the geographic location of the line or line owner, with specificity varying by line type.
COUNTRY CODE Identifies the nation that the number is associated with.
“IS VALID” FLAG Indicates whether the phone number is a real phone number with a valid area code.
“IS PREPAID” FLAG Indicates whether a mobile number is part of a prepaid service plan.
“IS COMMERCIAL” FLAG Indicates whether a number is associated with a business.
AGE RANGE Returns the subscriber's age range.

Phone Reputation Attributes icon Phone Reputation Attributes

REPUTATION LEVEL A 1-4 score on the likelihood of this number being spammy.
VOLUME SCORE A 1-4 score on how active the phone number has been making/receiving calls and sms.
TYPE Type of behavior associated with this phone. Values are ‘NotSpamType’, ‘NuisanceType’, ‘MixedType’, 'RiskType', 'UnrecognizedType', or ‘UncertainType’.
CATEGORY Category of spam/risk associated with the phone.
REPORT COUNT Number of reports we have received on this phone number being spam/risky from sources including Ekata apps, government bodies, and law enforcement.

Address Attributes icon Address Attributes

PHYSICAL LOCATION Includes current street address, unit, city, state, zip +4 and country.
LAT/LONG Provides the GPS coordinates of the address.
USAGE TYPE Indicates whether the address is business or residential.
DELIVERY TYPE Indicates whether the address is a P.O. Box, single unit, multi-unit or commercial mail drop.
DISTANCE BETWEEN PRIMARY AND SECONDARY ADDRESS Shows distance between primary and secondary address. Longer distance is riskier.
AGE RANGE Returns the registered owner's age range.
TOTAL ASSESSED VALUE Shows the current total tax assessed value of the property.
CURRENT OWNER NAME & AGE RANGE Returns the owner of the property's full name and age range.
"IS FORWARDER" FLAG Indicates whether an address is performing freight forwarding or reshipping services.

Email Address Attributes* icon Email Address Attributes*

DISPOSABLE EMAIL Determines whether an email address is on a disposable email service.
FIRST SEEN Shows the time frame for which we can confirm the email address’s existence.
REGISTERED NAME Match the user’s reported name to email’s registered name.
VALID STATUS Indicates whether the email address is real.
DOMAIN CREATION DATE Date when the email domain was created.
AGE RANGE Returns the registered owner's age range.
PHYSICAL ADDRESS Indicates the physical address of the person associated with the email address.

IP Address Attributes icon IP Address Attributes

GEOLOCATION¹ Tells you what the location of the IP is (e.g. 98101, Seattle, WA, United States)
GEOLOCATION² Tells you if the user's IP address is coming from the same location as their physical address.
"PROXY RISK" FLAG Determines if the user is utilizing a proxy server.
“IS VALID” FLAG Indicates whether the IP address is valid.
IP TO NAME MATCH Indicates if there is a person that matches the input name near or around the geolocation of the IP.