Data Access for Identity Verification

With data breaches becoming the new “normal”, the risk of identity theft and fraud has dramatically increased. However, too many financial institutions rely on traditional personal data as the sole method to verify a potential customer’s identity. Alternative data elements, like phone, email, and IP address, are especially effective at determining a customer’s legitimacy and should be used in addition to traditional KYC requirements.
In parallel, financial organizations find it increasingly difficult to efficiently access, organize, and combine disparate data sources as the number of sources continue to rise. Leading institutions are therefore turning to technology to discover how they can use more data to make better customer decisions.
View this on-demand webinar and learn how to:

  • Confidently identify good customers and reduce fraud
  • Accelerate data integration while significantly reducing manual review time
  • Safely access traditional and alternative data in real-time

About the Speakers

Debbie Yap of DemystDataDebbie Yap | DemystData
Director of Data Access and Partnerships
Debbie Yap is Director of Data Access and Partnerships at DemystData. In this role, she leads the acquisition and management of data partnerships globally, enabling financial institutions to leverage traditional and non-traditional data sources in a compliant way. She applies her expertise in the data landscape to guide product and customer engagement discussions.

Ajay Andrews of EkataAjay Andrews | Ekata
Senior Product Manager
Ajay Andrews enjoys building new products that solve a deep customer need and taking them to market. At Ekata, he leads the team that built and launched the Confidence Score, leveraging data science and machine learning to create an easy to use and compelling solution. He has close to a decade of experience working in Asia & the United States across payments, e-commerce, retail banking, productivity and SaaS businesses.


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