Identity Verification That Insures Against Fraud, Guaranteed

Success Story

Learn why ClearSale chose Ekata for identity verification prior to entering the North American market.

Like Brazil, the country it calls home, ClearSale is bold. As a premier managed services provider for global merchants, ClearSale is one of the biggest card-not-present fraud prevention operations in the world. In early 2000s, ClearSale introduced the idea of ecommerce “insurance,” guaranteed reimbursement for any fraud-related chargeback, with Total Guaranteed Protection. More than 15 years later, the service has a cross-continential footprint with clients like Walmart, Staples, and Chanel.


Bruno Farinelli, Fraud Analytics Manager, outlines the approach:

ClearSale prevents fraud in the most complex and dynamic international e-commerce markets, providing merchants with simple decisions and peace of mind. Our clients send us information for each transaction and we capture device and user behavior information. Through analysis, ClearSale provides a final decision for each order: approve or decline. If the merchant runs into a fraudulent chargeback, we pay them back. When our analytics team studied North American identity verification providers in advance of our entry into the U.S. market, Ekata was the only one that met all of our requirements; and it did so for a reasonable price. We knew we wanted to have them on our side.


Optimized decision-making

The 500-person strong fraud analytics team at ClearSale uses a combination of proprietary data-driven technology, seasoned in‐house fraud analysts, and information provided by Ekata and others to ensure that every customer order is safe, secure, and fulfilled correctly for its merchants.


Automatic and analyzed decisions

Ekata identity information is used in a considerable portion of ClearSale’s automatic decisions and in more than a third of the orders that are analyzed in its Human Analysis Process. The combination of automated decisions and human analysis on complicated orders leads to faster decisions and happier customers.

Reducing false positives

Ekata not only helps separate good orders from fraudulent ones, but also provides the information needed to contact cardholders and confirm whether a transaction is fraudulent. The additional contact information provided to the ClearSale team helps reduce the number of declines due to fraud suspicion.

Even as we contemplated our entry into the U.S. market, we understood that having an identity verification solution as powerful as Ekata would be an essential element to our company’s success.

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