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Success Story

With Whitepages Pro Insight helping them speed through orders, a home improvement retailer keep customers’ projects on schedule.

For over seventeen years, has provided their customers with the lighting, plumbing, flooring, and appliances they need to get the job done. As the second largest online home improvement retailer, they’ve become a trusted name among DIYers and professional contractors alike. To keep that trust,’s fraud prevention team works hard to make sure their customers get their orders quickly while shutting out bad actors.

From order fraud and chargebacks to verifying internal credit card applications that have gone through their third-party issuers, the fraud review team is kept busy reviewing approximately 1% of all the monthly transactions. Some things that are common red flags in other industries, such as goods being sent to an address not affiliated with the cardholder, are just part of the day’s work at, where contractors often purchase items to be shipped to a client’s address. Quickly verifying these trickier details means the fraud team can get orders shipped fast and keep their customers’ jobs on schedule.

Jamie Ceccato, Risk Team Lead for, explains how Whitepages Pro Insight helps them verify key details faster:

Anybody can do a Google search, but it takes longer to find results than with Whitepages Pro. In Identity Review, you’re getting four or five pieces of good information that give you a clear answer, versus picking through Google to try to find whatever you’re searching for.

Confidently verify information

Whitepages Pro helps the team be more confident in verifying that contractors are running valid businesses by offering multiple linkages between business emails, names, addresses, and IP.


Faster, more accurate search results

With Whitepages Pro, the fraud team can quickly get all the information they need — whether they’re verifying an order or handling a chargeback.

Grows with their needs

Because fraud trends are always changing, the team needs a solution that keeps up with the times and changes as their manual review requirements do.

Whitepages Pro just keeps working for us. Some services stagnate and don’t change with their customers’ needs or the industry, but Whitepages Pro is the one service that’s grown to accommodate our needs for manual reviews specifically. As a customer, I can see that there’s always something new, and that Whitepages Pro is taking suggestions into consideration and making changes.

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