Twilio Powered Up with Ekata’ Data

It’s quite easy to test out and explore what information is available through the Ekata’ Twilio Add-ons. One of the simpler ways is to use a Twilio Lookup with one of our Add-ons. Currently there are three great Ekata’ Add-ons available through the Twilio Marketplace: Ekata Caller Identification, Ekata Phone Intelligence, and Ekata Phone Reputation. For this walkthrough let’s use the Ekata Caller Identification. It identifies an unknown caller’s name, demographics, address, and more.

At the end of this blog post you’ll have an understanding of how to leverage a Ekata Twilio Add-on to make query to the Ekata’ Identity Graph Database through your browser.

First, to keep this simple, you’ll need Chrome with a JSON viewer. Head to the Chrome Web Store. To get there open Chrome and click the ‘Apps’ button in the upper left, under the back arrow. Click on the Web Store button and search for JSONView. Under ‘Extensions’ you should find JSONView click the blue button the left right to add that extension to Chrome.


Now you’ll need an account with Twilio. You can get one by heading to Twilio’s webpage and clicking ‘Sign Up’ in the top right of their webpage. Got an account? Great, now we’ll need to install the Add-on. There are a couple of ways of navigating to the Add-on. After the registration process it will leave you on the console page. If not look for a button in the upper right that will take you to your console. This is where the magic happens. There’s a ribbon on the left and one of the buttons on the ribbon should be an Ellipsis…click on it to bring up more options. Towards the bottom under ‘Marketplace’ there will be an option for ‘Add-ons’, click on it.

You’ll be staring at the ‘Add-ons Catalog’ that is populated with some beautiful icons. The one we are looking for is the Ekata Caller Identification. When located, click anywhere in the outlined box to enter into the Add-on’s home page. From pricing to technical documentation, any pertinent information you need regarding the Ekata Caller Identification Add-on can be found within this page and the tabs located below the icon.


Let’s get moving, click the red install button. Read and agree to the Ekata’s terms of service. This will drop you off on the Add-on configure screen. Check the box to enable ‘Lookups’ and make note of the ‘Unique Name’ as we will need that for the lookup call.

Time for some fun! You’ve done all the setup now open a new tab in Chrome and in the address bar put make sure you remove ‘YourPhoneNumber’ and replace it with any phone number you want to query. Inputting the address will prompt an authentication screen. In the ‘User Name’ field place your Account SID that can be found in the Twilio Console Dashboard. While there also click the lock to show your ‘Auth Token’ this will be used in the password field. When you’ve populated both of those fields click Log In.


Magically a JSON response should be shown neatly, thanks JSONView, in the window. Here all kinds of information will be displayed on the phone number you input into the address. Remember to head back into the Ekata Caller Identification Add-on page for the documentation!

Feel free to try out our other two fantastic Add-ons: Ekata Phone Intelligence, built for identifying risky sign-ups with phone data like line-type, carrier, and is-connected, and Ekata Phone Reputation, used to filter and block spammy numbers across the voice and SMS channels. Getting responses from these two are as easy as installing them and changing out the Ekata_pro_caller_id for their ‘Unique Names’.

Happy Querying!

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