Sales Engineers: Your Trusty Sidekicks in the Fight Against Fraud

Did you know Burt Ward had no acting experience when he was hired to play Robin in the original 1960s Batman series? And yet he was chosen over the more seasoned actor Peter Deyell. So what was it that Burt brought to the table that made him stand out? Three key things: a penchant for chess, a black belt in Taekwondo, and a willingness to do his own stunts.
That’s how I want you to think of Sales Engineering at Ekata. We’re the plucky go-getters with the skills that pay the bills. We’re engineers in sales clothes and not the other way around. We may not have the raw charisma of the late Adam West, but when you find yourself in a dark alley with a lot of nasty data headed your way, we’re the ones you want by your side.
There are three principles that are key to any good crime-fighting team, and that also form the foundation of how Ekata Sales Engineering operates:

  • Trust: You can’t hide a whole lot under a pair of bright spandex tights, but the same is not true for data. That’s why we always aim for the highest levels of transparency in order to earn your trust. You can expect that we will:
    • Make it crystal clear exactly how our data provides value to your business
    • Highlight any assumptions we make and note any concerns such as areas of low sample size or any unusual correlations
    • Provide our full result data so you can double check our numbers and do your own analysis
  • Collaboration: Commissioner Gordon needs Batman’s special skills to stop crime in Gotham City, and Batman needs Commissioner Gordon’s police network to send him cases. In the same way, Ekata needs to work closely together with our customers in order to stop fraud and improve business efficiencies together. We want to form a long-term partnership with you. That’s why we will:
    • Learn all about your business—what does a typical good or bad customer look like? How do you make risk decisions today? Can you provide us with both the original assessment as well as the actual final outcome for your transactions?
    • Inform you about Ekata data—what our different data points mean, which serve as the strongest positive and negative risk signals for your particular business, and what rules that you can implement to catch more fraud and/or fast-track good customers
    • Continue to work together alongside your account manager whenever we release a new enhancement, or you open up a new product line, or whenever the need for data testing arises
  • Value: What’s the use of a sweet car and a gadget-stuffed cave if you’re not actually stopping crime? Likewise, what’s the point of an awesome identity graph and a lightning-fast response time if you’re not actually solving business problems? Data for data’s sake is as useless as nipples on a bat-suit. What really matters is stopping fraud and improving your customer experience. That’s why:
    • We always focus on your goals, and how we can help accomplish them
    • We provide a customized data solution for your specific process or workflow
    • Where we see opportunities to solve problems beyond what our data can do, by leveraging internal data or even another vendor, we tell you about them in the spirit of transparency and with the ultimate goal of improving your business

As online and mobile commerce continues to expand, the fight against fraud gets ever more complex. Batman once said, “It’s obvious—only a criminal would disguise himself as a licensed, bonded guard, yet callously park in front of a fire hydrant.” In the same way, it’s often the one outlier in a transaction, like a distant IP address or a never-seen email, that makes the fraudster stand out. Identifying these trends isn’t easy, but we are here to help.
When you work with Sales Engineering team at Ekata, you can be sure that we will earn your trust, and collaborate together to find the best value that Ekata data can provide.

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