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Ekata is part of the Mastercard family. Ekata's solutions provide the most predictive and frictionless identity verification.

Ekata is part of the Mastercard family. Ekata's solutions provide the most predictive and frictionless identity verification.

Data Update: Around the World in 80 Days

The past 80 days have been monumental in expanding our global data asset. From building person-email links in Brazil to onboarding Norwegian telephones to expanding our knowledge of Malaysian names, we journeyed “around the world” in the last three months. And expanding to all corners of the world is not an easy feat. Naming conventions are vastly different between Western and Eastern cultures, so normalizing Spanish and Indonesian names was a big challenge. Thinking about how to qualify a valid address in Malaysia required a new set of considerations as compared to qualifying a German residence. Despite these challenges and more, we’re excited to offer you the latest coverage improvements to our Identity Graph.

Asia Pacific 

Ekata’s newest office in Singapore is helping us strengthen our relationships with our customers in Southeast Asia. To equip our customers with insights helpful to risk assessment and identity verification, we expanded person-telephone and person-address coverage in two top-queried nations: Indonesia and Malaysia.

  • New Malaysian Data
    • Added 29M new Malaysian person-telephone links
    • Added 4.1M new Malaysian person-address links
  • New Indonesian Data
    • Added 35M new Indonesian person-telephone links
    • Added 1.9M new Indonesian person-address links

Europe, Middle East, and Africa 

We are quickly approaching our one-year anniversary of our Amsterdam office! With our growing customer-base in Europe and the Middle East, we spent the past three months expanding our European person-telephone coverage.

  • New Spanish Data
    • Spain has a 46.7M population. Our graph now covers 58% of Spanish people.
    • Added 23M new Spanish person-telephone links
  • New Norwegian Data
    • Norway has a 5.4M population. Our graph now covers 81% of Norwegian people. 
    • Added 4.4M new Norwegian person-telephone links
  • New German Data
    • Germany has a 82.8M population. Our graph now covers 91% of German people.
    • Added 27M new German person-telephone links

Latin America 

Brazil is a massive market in Latin America, so enhancing our Brazilian coverage remains a priority for Ekata. This release, we refreshed residential links to yield numerous coverage improvements.

  • Brazil has a population of 209M. Our graph now covers 68% of Brazilian people. 
  • Added 116M new person-telephone links
  • Added 16M new person-address links
  • Added 10M new person-email links

North America

Business data is especially useful for our customers facing challenges with merchant onboarding and verification of business entities logging transactions with them. To support this use case, we refreshed our US and Canadian business links.

  • 371K new US business-address links
  • 39K new US business-telephone links
  • 370K new Canadian business-address links
  • 334K new Canadian business-telephone links

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