Why Turkish Banks Are Bullish On PSD2: January 2020 Tracker Download with Pymnts.com

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The Merchants Guide To Navigating Global Payments Regulations, powered by Ekata, is the go-to monthly resource for updates on the trends and changes regarding PSD2 as well as other privacy and data protection regulations. To help merchants and payment service providers prepare, Ekata has collaborated with PYMNTS.com to produce the PSD2 tracker, updated each month to reflect the latest news and stories.

This month’s PSD2 tracker covers the following and more:

An interview with Soner Canko, CEO of Turkish bank consortium Bankalarasi Kart Merkezi, on PSD2’s impact on Turkey and why the country’s banks are ready

Notable headlines from around the space, including how companies in California are responding to the state’s changing privacy and data regulation laws

A Deep Dive exploring the intricacies of the Turkish banking world and how its FIs and FinTechs have prepared for PSD2


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