Reliable Ekata API Performance for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

This holiday season, CNBC predicts online spending will reach $143.7 billion, a healthy 14.1% up from last year’s sales. Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales alone are expected to hit double-digit growth from last year. What’s more, with six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, we expect even higher transaction volumes from shoppers in between the two holidays to make up for lost buying time.

In light of this forecasted growth, we here at Ekata continue to partner with our customers by constantly innovating and finding new ways to support your business and keep your digital sales engines running. We do this by maintaining availability and keeping you prepared for traffic surges during peak sales periods, as well as for increased query volumes throughout the holiday season. 

To prepare for the holiday surge, we have been diligently testing – systems, models, and data to ensure our reliability and responsiveness standards are met. By reviewing traffic patterns from past holiday seasons, incorporating year over year business growth from our customers, and layering an additional buffer for query volume based on this year’s sales predictions, we’ve thoughtfully and confidently projected volumes for strategic stress testing. We’ve stress tested our APIs at peak volumes to ensure customer requirements are met during the busy shopping season.

We understand for our customers that the old adage “time is money” couldn’t be more fitting during the holiday season. Poor performance can not only negatively impact your business’ revenue, but also brand reputation and customer experience. We stay committed to operationally supporting your performance needs so you can focus on what matters most during this time: your customers.

Whether it’s ramping baseline availability for high transaction volumes or setting code-freeze windows to mitigate unexpected risk, our team is here to help you process good transactions faster, fight fraud that can often be rampant during this time, but most importantly, optimize and deliver the best customer experience to keep your loyal customers coming back for more. 

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