Data Update: Significant Improvements and Expanded Coverage in EMEA and APAC

2019 has been a momentous year for Ekata. Earlier this year, we opened an office in Amsterdam, and as 2019 ends, we’ll be ramping up to open a new office in Singapore! We are so excited about our push into EMEA and APAC, but it’s not just limited to our physical efforts. On the digital side, month after month, our team has made significant progress in both coverage and accuracy for EMEA and APAC. 

What’s included in this data release?

This release features substantial increases to German and Australian residential data in addition to routine refreshes for Great Britain and the US.

  • Updated German residential data
    • 8M person-address links
    • 1M person-telephone links
  • Updated Australian residential data: increased online-offline coverage by 8% 
    • 5.6M person-address links
    • 4.7M person-telephone links
    • 1.3M person-email links
  • Updated Great Britain residential data
    • 108K person-address links
    • 100K person-telephone links
  • Updated US residential data
    • 1M new emails
    • 1M new telephones

Why is this important? 

Coverage increases in EMEA and APAC are particularly valuable to our partner platforms and card companies that operate in various regions. While many data vendors have deep penetration in 1-2 countries but zero footprint in the rest of the world, Ekata has coverage for at least some aspect of a person’s identity in nearly any region. Since address data is the most difficult to acquire, our extensive coverage in Germany and Australia provides high value to our partners and customers who experience a higher volume of transactions in those nations.  

Another focus in this release was increasing online and offline links. To link digital identities back to humanity, we use “online and offline links” as our KPI for coverage. By comparing the number of people who have at least one offline link (e.g. address or landline phone) and one or more online links (e.g. email or mobile phone) against current population, we can measure the full coverage of a country in our Identity Graph. And as our global customers experience increasing query volumes through EMEA and APAC, we target our online and offline link building to high-GDP nations, like Germany and Australia, in these regions. The links are helpful in preventing fraud because few criminals have access to multiple data sources and most datasets contain a single type of link (e.g. marketing sets are often limited to email; city/government sets often only have physical address and landline phone).

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