Data Update: Just In Time For The Holidays!

Data Update: Added over 15M US relative and associated people links and huge increase in global data coverage

The holiday season is arguably the most important time of the year for our customers. And here at Ekata, we keep this, and our customers and their needs, at the forefront of our minds. As we see our customers grow their businesses globally and their consumers spend more and more each year, we invest heavily in improving our cross-border data coverage and quality.

“With the holiday season quickly approaching, we’re arming our customers and manual review agents with the best tools to decision a transaction. Relationship data is a big part of that: Knowing who is related to whom can filter the naughty from the nice. That’s why we paid special attention to creating quality person-person/associated people links this release. Holidays are hectic enough; let’s make gift orders easy.” – Justin Anderson, Product Manager

This release includes big updates on several fronts:

  • Over 12M de-duped US people
  • Added 15M US relative and associated people links, total is now 277M links
  • Refreshed US business data, created 1.3M new business-to-address matches
  • Millions of new Brazilian & Great Britain contact point matches

Notable features:

  • Updated US Residential Data
    • Merged over 12M duplicate people
    • 3M new addresses and 145M new person-to-address matches
    • 32M new emails, 6% increase. Now over 60% of US people have a direct name-to-email match
  • Updated US Person Data
    • We created over 15M relative and associated people links. Now over 64% of US people have links to a relative, to help reduce customer friction in time for holiday gift-giving.
    • Now over 66% of US people have a full date of birth (3% increase)
  • Updated US Business Data
    • Added 600K new businesses to improve business search coverage
    • Added 81K new addresses, created 1.3M new business-to-address matches
    • Added 121K new phones and 0.8M new business-to-phone matches
  • Updated Brazilian Residential Data
    • Huge increase in our Brazilian coverage with 18M people and lots of matches to support our LATAM markets
    • 24M new addresses and 56M new person-to-addresses matches
    • 55M new telephones and 150M new person-to-telephone matches
    • 17M new emails and 19M new person-to-email matches
  • Updated Canadian Residential Data
    • 195K new person-to-address matches
    • 61K new person-to-telephone matches
  • Updated United Kingdom Data
    • 14M new person-to-address matches
    • 2M new person-to-telephone matches
    • 1M new person-to-email matches

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