Ekata Inaugural Customer Summit: its a wrap!

Thank you to all of the customers who joined us last week in Seattle for our inaugural customer summit. From dinner receptions to networking to 1:1 conversations, we learned so much from our attendees.
Here are some of the key takeaways we got from our customers:
“Merchants are becoming aware of the benefits of pre-authorization risk analysis to reduce friction and increase approvals. However, most lack the resources to implement pre-authorization decisioning themselves.” (Will Wyatt, VP Sales)
“The democratization of machine learning is positively influencing our customers’ ability to make accurate risk decisions. We’re seeing this open up the opportunity for identity verification in the pre-authorization stage of the workflow. While not many customers are doing this yet, many were keen to learn more about it and recognize its value for customer experience and fraud detection(John Stewart, Manager, Account Management)
“From a customer perspective, getting clean data from one API is gold—especially when data engineering headcount/budget is hard to get from leadership.” (Ting Van Osdol, VP Global Account Services)
“Companies are starting to realize the value of using advanced risk evaluation for not only catching fraud, but also for improving their customers’ onboarding and purchase experiences.” (Arjun Kakkar, VP Operations)

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