Announcing our new logo!

As you may have seen a few weeks ago, Whitepages Pro has rebranded to Ekata! As we continue to roll out our new brand identity, we’re excited to share with you our official logo.
Since Ekata deals in the serious and exacting world of digital identity, our relationship with our users is paramount. We pride ourselves in our deep connection with our customers, and wanted to ensure that our logo and brand reflected the close customer relationships and passionate employees that drive us to innovate in this space. That’s why approachability and personality were key aspects of our rebrand.
So how do you bring personality and approachability into a brand without coming across as if you’re trying too hard? Authenticity is important to us, which is why we worked to develop a logo that speaks to our culture while acknowledging the gravity of our work.

The rounded edges of letterforms and the mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters provide a balance that can convey either side, depending on the usage. Our brand color, a deep and vibrant purple, is bold and strong…but also just kind of fun. Everyone in the technology space uses blue (our old brand included), the easy and predictable choice. That just didn’t reflect our innovation, our passion, and our personality.
Our tagline, Linking Digital Identity Back to Humanity, was also at the core of our visual choices. Not only do we see humanity in the people and teams that we work with, but in the base of our work itself. The logo throughline links two pieces of information, cutting across the entire name to reflect how embedded it is within our organization.
Our color choices, beyond the primary purple, also connect with our passion and approach. You’ll see green used heavily in our visual style moving forward, reflecting our commitment to helping our customers approve more good transactions and reduce customer friction. Unfortunately, finding fraud will always be a part of our customer’s work – so we will continue to use red to help us highlight important information related to fraud, risk and bad actors.
We hope you like this new look and feel for Ekata! Look out for more updates—including a brand-new website—as we continue to provide businesses worldwide the ability to link any digital transaction to the human behind it.

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