Network Insights 3-bar Risk Indicators

Our manual review tool, Pro Insight, now includes network insights as another layer of predictability, to better understand the customer behind a transaction. These proprietary network insights are derived from historical transactions and feedback data from our global risk conglomerate of thousands of customers.
Within Pro Insight, you’ll find the network insights panel below the results columns. We’ve shared with you the three types of network insights:

  1. Transaction Velocity
  2. Merchant Popularity
  3. Attribute Volatility

To help our customers better understand the risks associated with the orders they review, each of the network insight attributes include a 3-bar risk indicator. The 3-bar risk indicator showcases the risk level associated with each network insight attribute. Each of these risk indicators are trained from outcome dispositions from our customers, derived using advanced data science techniques. This is relayed to Pro Insight users through an icon featuring 3 red bars, located to the left of each attribute. Here is an example:

We understand that threat levels and risk varies by company, industry, and can be a case-by-case determination. Risk indicators for each of the attributes are trained separately, which is why each attribute has its own threshold for the 3 risk levels.

Data science guided our design in how to display these risk levels. We found distinct ranges from a moderately heightened level of risk to a very high risk level for each attribute. So, as the velocity increases (or the popularity or volatility), so does the risk level. These three bar indicators correspond to that increase in risk.
In general, fraud occurs approximately 1% of time for the average eCommerce merchant. The 3-bar risk indicators are a way to show elevated levels of risk. As each of the risk bars populate, the chance of fraud is elevated within the predetermined threshold, and the likelihood of fraud increases as the 3-bar risk indicators increase.
As our network sees more transactions and outcome dispositions, our model is better able to refine the thresholds of each associated risk level, which means we can continue to provide our customers the most accurate, real-time identity data. If you want to know more about our Pro Insight product, contact us.

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