Whitepages Pro Is Now Ekata

Ekata has spun off from the direct-to-consumer operations of Whitepages.com. As a new, independent company, we continue to focus on our global identity verification solutions and have decided to change our name to Ekata, which is Sanskrit for unity, identity, and oneness.
We’re still the same innovative, customer-centric, data-driven company you’ve come to know, but with a new name and brand.
So what’s really changed?
The obvious will be our name, logo, and actual branding. Several website and branding updates will take place in the upcoming weeks, so keep visiting us online to stay up-to-date on the newest changes.
With our new brand, we have refined our mission to best reflect who we are and what we have been working towards: Ekata is committed to being the global standard in identity verification data, providing businesses worldwide the ability to link any digital transaction to the human behind it.
These are exciting changes, but we are proud to keep the aspects of our company that have defined who we are and what we’ve accomplished to date: familiar, dependable, and customer-centric.
We have always focused on innovation, global data, and centering product development around our customers and the needs of the market. Our commitment to help cross-border digital commerce companies grow their revenue by maximizing predictability of transactions is something we will continue to do and improve upon.
We are dedicated to the market and our customers. We take customer feedback and requests seriously; building enduring customer relationships is a mantra of ours. Therefore, we strive to create products that always perform and provide value to our end customers and partners. From our Transaction Risk API for pre-authorization models delivered in under 100ms to our robust manual review tool, Pro Insight, our identity verification product suite verifies over 1.8B requests per month in 238 countries for 1700+ companies.
Our commitment to innovation may be best reflected in the Ekata Identity Engine (EIE), the first and only engine of its kind that powers our identity verification product suite. The EIE uses complex machine learning algorithms across the five core consumer attributes of email, phone, name, physical address, and IP, to derive unique links and features from billions of real-time transactions within our proprietary network and the data we license from a broad spectrum of global providers.
We are excited to serve the needs of global identity verification as Ekata. We look forward to sharing more insights and enhancements around our new brand, the Ekata Identity Engine and our product suite over the upcoming months.
Read the official press release here. Got questions? Please contact us and follow our new social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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