Data update: 13M+ names linked to both online and offline identity attributes + Infrastructure and delivery upgrades

Data update: 66.7 million records added to our Identity Graph with significant improvements in Canada, United States, and United Kingdom
Today marks the release of another update to our Identity Graph, including more data and links between people and their offline and online identity attributes, as well as infrastructure improvements that will allow us to deliver our products faster and with more features.
The boost in individual identity data attributes included in this release allowed us to increase the number of people that are now linked to both an online and offline data attribute by over 13 million across the globe. New data included email addresses from across the globe as well as names, phones, and addresses in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada – 3 of our most-queried countries.

  • Global email updates
    • 49M emails with 13M name to email links
  • United States – 9M people, 4M addresses, 1.4M phones:
    • 2.5M new address to name links
    • 29M name to phone links
  • United Kingdom – 2M people, 61K addresses, 424K phones
    • 380K name to address links
    • 412K name to phone links
  • Canada – 340K people, 388K addresses, 86K phones
    • 958K name to address links
    • 367K name to phone links

Just as important as new data is optimizing the way in which we deliver it to our customers. This quarter, our team is focused on refactoring our infrastructure to reduce build time up to 70%, allowing us to include more data per release and to deliver faster and more feature-rich products. Improvements include:

  • Building QA tools and deduplication logic to better detect red flags in source data and improve our data quality (signal-to-noise ratio) with every data source updated
  • Automating our ingestion processes to ingest data more quickly and reduce human involvement—giving our team more time to focus on feature innovation
  • Automating our release processes to deliver updates faster, reduce human error, and scale for continued global expansion

As the global leader in identity verification, our commitment to speed, accuracy, and innovation requires continuous improvements in both our global coverage and our infrastructure. Learn more about the Ekata Identity Engine and how we leverage our advanced infrastructure and engineering capabilities to understand how we deliver unparalleled coverage, accuracy, and performance.

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