Introducing Network Insights in Pro Insight

Less than a year ago we launched Pro Insight – the top global manual review solution on the market. Since then, our customer base has grown 78 percent (yes, its true!) and we now have over 14 thousand Pro Insight review agents in 35 countries across 5 continents. And we continue to innovate Pro Insight to deliver our customers a tool to streamline the manual review process and fight fraud.
We are excited to announce the launch of Network Insights in Pro Insight.

These proprietary network insights are powered by the Ekata Identity Network which is derived from historical transactions and feedback data from our global risk conglomerate of thousands of customers. Our Identity Network leverages sophisticated data science and machine learning to provide unique insights that improve the accuracy and predictability of our identity verification solutions.
Fraudsters can acquire identity data from the dark web or steal the identity through hacking or other means, but they cannot hide HOW they shop with those stolen identities. Our network insights are the most effective way to catch these types of fraudulent patterns and behaviors.
Through in-depth analysis, our data science team has done multiple tests to identify velocity, popularity, and volatility as the most predictive signals of fraudulent activity.

  • Velocity indicates the number of times an identity attribute was seen in recent transactions
  • Popularity indicates the number of merchants where an attribute (phone, billing address and/or shipping address) is seen in recent transactions
  • Volatility indicates the number of times an attribute of an identity has changed over the last 90 days

Each of the Network Insight attributes are trained by our model to determine risk level. The three bar indicator next to each attribute is our evaluation of risk associated with that particular attribute.

Within the network Insights panel we’ve introduced new terminology (hint – hover over individual signals to understand what each one means) that has not been surfaced in Pro Insight previously. We’ve created icons to help denote what each of these terms mean.

Network insights was launched in beta to a subset of our customers who provided us with constructive feedback to help perfect the release of the product. Here is what they had to say about Network Insights:

“It calls out the exact things we pay closest attention to without too much noise”
“Not all improvements will be the silver bullet to fight fraud, but this one does help us in our decisions. We love seeing continuous improvements to your products”

Surfacing network insights in Pro Insight adds another powerful tool to the arsenal for users around the globe. With the Confidence Score, positive and negative risk signals, deep dives, network insights, and the distance calculation map, Pro Insight helps fight fraud from every angle.
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