Data Update: Do we have French data? Oui oui mon ami!

Data update: 13.1 million new address-to-name links in France added to our Identity Graph, and significant improvements in global data accuracy.
This most recent data release launches Ekata into new territory; literally, as we just opened a new office in Amsterdam, but we also now have NEW French data in our Identity Graph. As we continue verifying digital and traditional attributes in countries all over the world, our focus remains on providing our customers with the highest quality global identity data as well as making sure our data is as clean and accurate as possible.
Here is the breakdown of our French data added to Identity Graph:

  • NEW – 13.1 million address-to-name links
  • NEW – 10.5 million phone-to-name links
  • NEW – 3,147,453 people who are linked to both an online and offline data attribute

“The introduction of our new French Address Identity Data into our Identity Graph continues to build out our global footprint of identity data, enabling our customers to build insights and take action in identifying risk and fighting fraud all over the world.
Our country-by-country focus on Address Identity data, highlighted by this launch of France and our prior launch of Germany a few weeks ago, is specifically aimed at allowing our customers to get a comprehensive verification of an individual’s offline and online identity. By verifying both offline and online contact points of a person, Ekata is giving our customers a critical tool to ensure they are identifying legitimate versus risky transactions, in a wide variety of use cases and market segments.
Fraud and risk is a global, cross-border problem that we have been aiming to solve for the past 4 years, and this is yet another step in that journey.”
– Drew Hackleman, Product Director, Global Data Strategy & Systems

And with this French data addition, we can now proudly say that we have coverage in all top 3 largest European economies: Germany, UK, and France. This data release added over 3 million people in France that are now linked to both an online (e.g. email) and offline data attribute (e.g. address). Completing an online/offline connection requires address to name links, which is the hardest part of data sourcing in these countries, but is a cornerstone of our products’ accuracy in predicting risk and fighting fraud.
Identity Graph Updates:

  • Added 2,277,608 US offline/online links
  • Increased number of people with a full date of birth by 6%
  • Increased phone and address to name coverage by 3%
  • Added 5.6 million people with a full middle name, increasing coverage by 5%
  • Added 10.8 million links between associated people, increasing coverage by 10%

In spite of the challenges we constantly face when it comes to sourcing global digital and traditional identity data, we have made incredible strides to be the leading provider of global identity verification. Learn more about our advanced infrastructure and engineering capabilities to understand how we deliver unparalleled coverage, accuracy, and performance.

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