Pro Insight – 2018 highlights

With over 1.2B Pro Insight searches performed in 2018, Pro Insight had its fastest growing year yet

From the launch of a new interface to major strides in our global reach, 2018 was a pivotal year for Pro Insight. The market-driven manual review tool saw exponential growth in both its functionality and market adoption as our team spent countless hours visiting customers and leveraging that intelligence to fulfill the product’s mission: building and continuously improving the best global manual review tool on the market.

Pro Insight launches a new and improved version

After months of customer visits, beta testing and development, we launched a new interface in July 2018. For full details of what that launch included, read here. To highlight one of our favorites, this launch marked the release of one of our biggest innovations yet: Confidence Score and its supporting positive and negative signals.
Confidence Score was originally released in the summer of 2017 when our API customers were able to incorporate the score into rule-sets or models and quickly see positive results via a data test. However, when we released Confidence Score in our manual review tool, the feedback from users was that they needed to understand the driving factors behind the score in order to trust its accuracy. We set out to solve this problem with the help of our data science team, who brought the vision to life by creating a machine learning model to sit upon the machine learning model that powers the Confidence Score (am I confusing you yet?)
Put simply, this new model became the technology behind what our users know today as positive and negative signals, which show, in order of importance, the top five positive and negative signals for a given transaction – i.e. explainability of a machine learning model for human consumption.

The launch of Pro Insight in July of 2018 was a game-changing release for manual review agents across the globe and added another extremely powerful investigation tool to their arsenal: machine learning.

Global expansion

In 2018, our Pro Insight customer base saw over 49% growth, with over 14k Pro Insight review agents in 35 countries across 5 continents
One of our main company-wide initiatives in 2018 across all products was global data expansion, and Pro Insight reflected that effort through both product usage and customer growth. Our customer base spans over 35 countries, with teams across the globe leveraging our manual review tool to execute their day-to-day jobs. See below for a map of teams outside the US.

Pro Insight also benefited from the great strides we made this year increasing our global coverage. From Mexico and Brazil to Great Britain, Australia, and Germany, our coverage improved drastically in every region across the globe. Manual review teams all over the world saw improved predictability quarter over quarter due to this increased coverage.

The last mile—feature releases that make the difference

The Ekata product team is obsessed with customer needs and puts a lot of power behind features that really go the last mile to differentiate our tool in alignment with market demand.
In the words of Product Manager Jim Sivisay, “We gathered a ton of feedback during development and beta to shape what Pro Insight is today. From every customer call, to in person visits, and daily support emails, we listened and went through many versions to go the extra mile. This sets us apart from being just another tool to Pro Insight–the best-in-class manual review tool available.”
See below for a couple of 2018 product team favorites:

  • Distance calculation map is an interactive tool that shows a visual representation of the distances between inputs. Pro Insight users can toggle between phone, billing address, shipping address, and IP and see the distances and locations on a map.
  • Primary link to secondary solves problems such as billing and shipping names for a given transaction being different around 40% of the time, which can be considered an indicator of risk. Primary link to secondary surfaces links between those names to help find connections between names and addresses.
  • Improved name matching capabilities include major improvements in latin american name matching as well as things such as taking nicknames and other aliases into consideration when determining a match status.
  • Email registered name is now cross-checked to show if that name is linked to the primary address – this means you can now see if the registered owner of the email is connected to the primary address in our Identity Graph.

Next up in 2019 from our Product Manager Jim Sivisay:

“Thanks to all of our customers for contributing to our success in 2018. We are full speed ahead for 2019 with some awesome things coming up on the roadmap such as more global coverage including French data, surfacing network insights, and beginning the next iteration on our interface.”
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