On the schedule for DeveloperWeek–our must-see sessions

The DeveloperWeek expo and conference is coming up Feb 20-22; the Ekata team will be there not only speaking and hosting attendees at Booth #203 (click here and log in to add our session to your agenda), but we’ll be attending sessions too. Get to know our team and learn more about some of the great speakers lined up for next week’s event.

Jason Frazier, Software Engineer II, Ekata
In addition to being part of our session, Ekata’ Journey to Model Terabytes of Graph Data in Cost Effective Flat Data Store, there are two talks I’m looking forward to attending. First, as a dev myself, attending The Future of Software Development will provide an interesting perspective on the future of my career. Second, I’ll be attending Python and R for Advanced Analytics — a big part of my day is spent looking at our core data, so I’m hoping to get takeaways I can integrate into my day-to-day work and bring back to my team for use in the future.
Conor Garside, Marketplace Risk Solutions Manager, Ekata
While there are lots of sessions I’m interested in attending, these three are at the top of the list. From 0 to ML: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your First ML Project will focus on transforming rules-based platforms into ML platforms around fraud detection, which is relevant to my role in advising marketplaces on risk solutions. I’m passionate about promoting healthy, goal-focused culture within enterprise businesses, so I’m excited to attend Impact Driven Culture: What it Means, and How It Helped Us Scale 300% YoY Finally, after reading Reid Hoffman’s book about scaling from a business perspective, I want to join the session Blitzscaling an Engineering Team to learn about it from a more technical perspective.
Kat Huang, Product Marketing Manager, Ekata
There are a bunch of sessions I’d like to go to, but these really stood out. Since we use Kubernetes at Ekata, I want to learn more about it at the session Migrating Spotify’s Runtime to Kubernetes. From a strategic perspective, as Ekata continues to grow in international markets, I’m excited to attend Global Product, Local Challenges: What You Need to Know Before Entering New Markets. Another must-see is A Community Driven Approach for Devtech Marketing. Since its essential for me as a PMM to keep the user at the forefront of my work, I want to hear how someone has successfully incorporated a community first approach into her marketing.
Jessica Jones, Product Marketing Manager, Ekata
I’m excited to go to DeveloperWeek and meet lots of devs during the expo (don’t forget about the delicious sangria at our booth during the Block Party Thursday!) but I also want to attend a few sessions. First, Sure You’re Growing, but Are You Scaling? is on my list. Being someone not on the dev team, I’m interested to hear perspectives on scaling to grow the business and not just keeping up with current needs. Next, Successful Delivery of Cross Functional Projects is a must-attend; an agile, modern business cannot work in silos to complete a project. Finally, I can’t wait to learn from Measuring with Purpose, which focuses on how having a great product and delivery can only get you so far; if you aren’t measuring the correct metrics, you can’t really measure success.
Sharon Li, Product Manager, Ekata
I’ve added a lot of sessions to my schedule with a focus on API best practices and go-to-market strategies. Expect to see me migrating between our booth and the various stages, but I’ll definitely be around for the Block Party on Thursday–and I can’t wait to meet you all. I won’t dive into everything on my agenda, but I’m looking forward to How HTTP/2 Works and How Developers Can Leverage It; Speed and Scale: Building APIs with Node.js, TypeScript and LoopBack; and Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: Distinguishing a Technical Product in a Crowded Market.

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