Data Update: Neue Deutsche Daten (new German data!)

Data update: 53.3 million new address to name links in Germany added to our Identity Graph, and significant improvements in global data accuracy
The autobahn, Oktoberfest, schnitzel, Neuschwanstein castle, and the birthplace of Beethoven. What do these things have in common with Ekata’s latest data release? You guessed it – Germany!
And just like German cars, we operate with performance and precision.
Our data is top notch when it comes to speed, accuracy, and coverage. So to help customers better tackle cross-border transactions, we’ve added German data to our Identity Graph.
Here is a breakdown of the new German data added to Identity Graph:

    • 53.5 million new person records
    • 53.3 million new address to name links (70% coverage)
    • 22.5 million new phone to name links
    • 215% increase in number of people who are linked to both an online and offline data attribute

We are precise in providing real-time identity data. As part of this data release, we improved our data accuracy globally, which is an ongoing challenge, as people change addresses and phone numbers regularly. Our Identity Graph contains both current and historical identity data, so to ensure our customers have up-to-date information, we are continuously updating these linkages.
Identity Graph Updates:

  • Added 6.9 million address to name links globally
  • Updated 13 million addresses from current to historical/li>
  • Updated 18 million phone to name links from current to historical

We have customers all around the world doing business cross-border. Providing them with data from Europe’s largest economy is just like a nice Mercedes – fast (in our case, low latency API response times), continually tested for quality assurance (our Data Services team always performs extra levels of testing before releases), luxury (for us, that means high quality data leveraging our 21 years of data science), and extremely reliable.
Prost to adding German data to our Identity Graph and continuing our journey down the autobahn to provide identity verification across the globe! If you want to test out our Germany data for your business, contact us.

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